Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here is a list of common queries that we receive at the office. If you still have any question you can either use our contact form or else call on (+356) 7900 0039. Prefer email? Send on [email protected]

Using the app


Riding with MedAsia Cabs

Your Account

Using the app

Requesting a ride

Through the app you can choose the starting address and (optional) the destination. Choose the vehicle type and payment method on the next screen and voila. The app will update you with regards to who your driver is and at what time he will arrive.

Canceling a ride

Sometimes by mistake, you might accidentally confirm a request that you didn’t really want to. In this case you have the option to cancel the ride that is prominently displayed in the app whilst the system is searching for the driver as well as after the driver has been chosen by the system.

How to identify a driver and vehicle

The name and surname together with the make, model and number plate of the car will be displayed on your mobile. You can also make use of the option to call the driver if you want any further detail.

Once your driver arrives at the pickup point it makes sense to check the number plate and ensure that it matches with the one displayed on your app

Rating the driver

MedAsia Cabs works with the best drivers around. Our reputation is important to us as we deliver a secure cab provisioning system. At the end of the ride you will be asked to provide feedback in the form of stars and a comment. We appreciate your comments and reward you with our points to prove it!

What about waiting time

MedAsia Cabs does not charge clients for traffic time. You are charged exclusively based on  distance in your trip. We do have a small charge of €0.37 per minute that is applied if you do not enter the cab from 5 minutes when the driver marked that he arrived at the destination. You will receive notifications to alert you of this.


How to select a payment method?

You can choose between various payment methods at any stage of the ride by tapping on the payment method icon.

Can I pay cash?

Yes. You can pay cash without any problem. The driver will tell you what the final amount is at the end of the trip.

Can I pay with cards?

Yes indeed. You can add any card to your account and can then choose to pay with it directly through the app when setting up your ride.

Can you change the payment method while on the ride?

Yes you are allowed to change payment method until the driver has marked the trip as complete.

What’s the base fee?

The base rate changes based on the vehicle type required by yourself. A comfort vehicle starts from €4.40

What’s the fee per km?

The fee per km changes based on the vehicle type required by yourself.

What’s the fee per min?

MedAsia Cabs charges a fee based on distance. There is no fee to be paid if someone is stuck in traffic.

Does the fee vary according to the time of the day?

Fees vary based on a number of different conditions. Change of rates are at MedAsia Cabs discretion.

Why I was charged more than estimated?

In some instances, you might ask the driver to wait for you. There might be a charge depending on the amount of time that the driver had to wait for your return. In other rare instances, there might be a technical issue revolving around GPS/Network and/or app connectivity issues.

Am I charged for canceling a MedAsia Cabs ride?

There might be some instances in which you will be charged when canceling a ride. You will not be charged anything if you cancel before the driver arrived at the pickup point.

Do I need to give my credit card details to use the app?

No, you will not be required to include your credit card details. You can opt to pay in cash if you prefer.

Can we use the company details? VAT Number etc and pay in invoice?

No. The current setup does not allow for that payment method. However it is suggested to make use of a company credit card and multiple credit cards can be linked with your account.

Is it safe to use my credit card on MedAsia Cabs?

MedAsia Cabs does not store any credit card details but makes use of a reliable and secure PCI compliant gateway, Transactium ltd., in order to process payments. MedAsia Cabs never gets access to your credit card details. On registering the credit card for the first time there is a one euro charge that is immediately refunded to your account once the credit card itself has been verified.

How do I receive my invoice?

Your invoice is automatically sent to you via email at the end of the trip following your payment.

Riding with MedAsia Cabs

I can’t request a ride.

You haven’t confirmed your email or phone number or else there is an issue with your current internet connectivity.

Am I charged for canceling a MedAsia Cabs ride?

There might be some instances in which you will be charged when canceling a ride. You will not be charged anything if you cancel before the driver arrived at the pickup point.

Where can I check if I left an item in the cab?

You can contact our team via email or telephone number. Please prepare ride details including your driver’s details. Please note that neither MedAsia Cabs nor the driver are responsible for any items lost during the trip. Lost items which are found will be kept for a maximum of 90 days from the date of trip.

Do you have baby seats available with the cab?

Baby Car Seats have to be installed by the passengers due to varying preferences about how and where to place the seat. The driver and the company may not be held responsible for incorrect baby car seat positioning or installation in case of an accident.

Are your cabs wheelchairs friendly?

Regretfully we do not have any cars which are wheel chair friendly at this point in time.

Are pets allowed in the cab?

As a general rule, pets are not allowed for health and hygiene reasons. – TO CHECK WITH LAWYER

Do you have WIFI in the cab?

Yes, a wifi connection code should be prominently displayed in the Cab.

The driver took a longer route

Sometimes drivers opt to take a different route for a myriad of reasons. It could be that at that time traffic is particularly heavy, or else that roadworks are going on.

Can I save my preferred addresses?

Yes you can! In the profile you can add your home, work and any other address that want to save. Tap on them to make your selection on the map or else write the address manually.

Can I report driver misconduct?

We are very proud with our drivers and reputation. Sometimes however things don’t really go as planned. If you have any issues you can call our main office or else send an email with your ride number that can be found on the ride history tab and we will do our best to help out.

Your Account

How do I create an account?

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. On loading the app you will need to enter your phone number and the security code that we will send through SMS. And that’s it! Your phone is registered and you can call the first cab in seconds. You will also need to enter your email address so that we can send over the receipts and invoices. Once you confirm your email address we will send you a confirmation email to prove that the email is yours.

How do I delete an account?

Within the profile section you will be able to click on delete and your personal information will be removed from our system.

What do you do with my personal details?

We comply with GDPR in order to ensure proper data retention. We never sell your information to any third parties without your approved consent. If you have any query you can send an email to [email protected]

What sort of emails will I receive from MedAsia Cabs?

We will send receipts and invoices through the email account registered with your profile. We also reserve the right to send emails that are specific to the services that you make use of. You will always have the option to unsubscribe from these emails.

I need to change my email address

Within the profile section tap edit. You can change the email address from this screen. You will receive an email with a link that will prove that the email address is yours.

I need to change my phone number

As per the email address. If you go on the profile section you will be able to edit the phone number as well. We will send you a code to confirm that is your new number.